Thursday, May 23, 2013

Singles Travel - Finding Love in Bali

What are the chances of you finding love on vacation? There are lots of ways to meet new singles and if you can get away for a vacation, there’s a chance you could find love on your trip. A vacation is one of the few times that you can escape life's tension and bad karma, relax and really become you. It is also the time that you can shed your persona and become more exciting, or perhaps someone else. That might also be the time when cupid strikes and you meet someone.

The combination of exploration and relaxation is sometimes all that's needed for a brand new romance to start. One destination that can give your love a life line is Bali. Bali is not just an exotic holiday destination for globe trotters, it is a place where people from all over visit for some rest and relaxation or to get married. Bali is also a destination where plenty of other singles are relaxing and having fun. And who could blame them?

Home to some of the world's most beautiful scenery, luxury beachfront villas and pristine beaches Bali is a paradise. The island is romantic and has the right ambiance for you to meet new travellers, which could make finding that special someone easier than you think.

If you’re on the adventurous side, Bali has lots to offer you, including mountain cycling, white-water rafting and trekking. Embarking on an adventurous trip might be where your love adventure begins. If you enjoy freedom and chilling out on the beach is more your style, chances are you could find someone that you share a common interest with. Joining a meditation group is not just about putting your life in balance anymore; it could open up the door for you to meet someone spiritual.

So if you aren't too fond of leaving fate in charge of your love life, pack your bags, as you now have another reason to holiday in Bali.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Are You Chicken Of Commitment?

It's an old cliche, bandied about in many a single's discussion forum. So for the self-diagnosis, here's LovePanky with top signs that you're afraid of commitment. And it's an unusually soul-searching list. Many of these are concerns everyone feels, notwithstanding the commitment part. The thing most people don't realize is that a relationship doesn't have to be confining. Just because you're married doesn't mean you have to deny your career dreams, never go on an adventure again, or even try out a few different lives. In ten or twenty years, you might have chased your dreams and had your adventures anyway - now won't it be better to have somebody to reminisce with about all of that? It can be done!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Advice For Single Men - How Not To be A Doormat

We see time and again that one of the chief complaints that guys have is that women "only go for bad boys". "Nice guys finish last" is also heard. And of course, if a guy is too "nice" for too long, he'll end up in the "friend zone".

Here's what women really don't like: A doormat. A spineless jellyfish. A wishy-washy metrosexual who's afraid to stand up for himself. Guys fall into this psychological trap, thinking that if they "act nice" to a woman, she'll sleep with him. This puts the woman in the power position, where she - believe it or not - may not want to be.

There's a difference between being nice and being a doormat, just as there is a difference between behaving like a jerk and being assertive.

So here we go, things to do when dating women to avoid being a doormat - and still be nice:

#1. Remember you have something to offer, too. Don't act like she has all the value and you're just a leech praying to get lucky with her. She wants to date you, after all, so keep your self-esteem about you. If you ask her out, invite her over, or make plans together, act like it's a privilege to be with you - because it's a privilege for anybody to spend time with anybody.

#2. Have your own mind - and speak it! You don't have to flip-flop on every opinion you have: Him - "I like basketball." Her - "Oh, I hate basketball." Him - "Well, actually, I'm not that into it anyway." When you do this, you just lost way more credibility with a woman, who now knows that you'll jump through hoops like a trained seal just to get in bed with her, than if you'd stuck to your original position. It's a simple matter of saying "Well, we'll agree to disagree." or "It's true, it's not for everyone, but I like it." or "Maybe I can talk you into watching a game sometime."

#3. Don't be afraid to have your own personality. If you're really looking forward to having a relationship with someone, then your own personality is going to come to the fore anyway. It is far better to be upfront about your quirks and let her deal with them now, rather than biting your tongue and always trying to put on a happy face.

And when faced with a decision and you're both going "I dunno, what do you want to do?" make a snap decision and go with it. Better to lead with confidence, even when you're wrong sometimes.

#4. Don't be afraid to admit fault. Following on that last thought, the side effect of appearing "too nice" is trying to be "too perfect". Well, when you messed up, just admit it and get it over with. Brush it off. Successful people make mistakes, but successful people deal with them as the minor setbacks they are and resume their stride - the point here is to not be insecure.

#5. When something in the relationship makes you unhappy, say so. You don't need to blow up or have a hissy fit; just calmly and rationally express why what just happened upsets you, and treat her like the grown-up you both are - give her a chance to deal with it and move on. This is just how long-term relationships work anyway. For more relationship and dating advice

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is Flirting a Lost Art?

Sometimes it seems like flirting is on the way out. People are too serious now. If you aren't serious about dating someone, then you can't flirt with them because you'll get slapped for sexual harassment or something. If you are serious about someone, you have to spell it out like a legal contract, and there goes all that fun coy hinting. And then you have today's long-distance relationship effect. It just isn't as easy to spontaneously flirt with someone from 50 miles away over a phone.

In case anybody cares anymore, AskMen tells guys how to flirt. Dating-to-Relating also has an article on how to flirt with women. Meanwhile, Relationship Blackbook has flirting advice for the women. And here's a beginner's guide to flirting.

That ought to be enough to get you started. Just remember, it's fun, like three-year-old playmates teasing each other. But it also serves a function: it helps you be less shy with the opposite sex, lets you test your meddle in situations where you're not too secure. Like we say, flirting's going out of style because everybody's too serious now. You know what the cure for that is? Date a clown.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fun and Original Dating Ideas

File this under "daringly original!" Here is a list of dating ideas that sound like something XKCD would come up with!

Our favourites from the recently published list:
  • 2. Notes in books. Actually, this is better at the library. Try not to be public nuisances though.

  • 5. Superheroes. Or just help little kids get their ball back, help people cross the street, and so on. Be careful though, because a superhero costume can be tough to live up to!

  • 9. Collaborative writing in public. that could liven up any night at a Starbuck's, and you might even get something good out of it.

  • 11. Doing the lamest tourist thing in your area. One of our staff who lived in Las Vegas, Nevada, swore by taking the Star Tours ride. Goofy, geeky, and cheesy, but you have to admit that they put on a great show.

  • 16. Security camera theater. And be sure to stage a purse-snatching.

  • 20. This works better with the really lame B-movies. Rent Zardoz, Manos the Hands of Fate, or Plan Nine From Outer Space and snark on them together.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Should You Date The Geek?

At the one end of the spectrum, we have the beautiful people. Dishy, sultry goddesses or hot, hunky sheiks. If you're financially well-to-do or just looking for a trophy, these make great arm candy. Beauty has its place in the world, and we aren't going to discredit it here.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the people whose greatest asset is not their looks, but their brains and personality. Bring highly skilled intellectually does tend to shape the personality to some extant, so they're related.

Now, this being the Internet, and especially this being about online dating, you may have noticed that there's a lot of geeks on here. That's no mystery. In the general population, it's a toss-up whether any given person has even been online. But a geek always will be.

To clarify: by 'geek' we mean someone who's very proficient at science, engineering, or technology. Especially the computer professional is considered a geek. We don't mean necessarily the stereotype of a socially-inept, awkward person. We mean the kind of person who's brainy, gotten a technical job, and has many hobbies on the side that require intense concentration.

Since the start of online dating, many people have been surprised to discover that the geek personality makes a fantastic mate. Don't look to a geek to be a one-night stand or casual fling; these types of people rarely appreciate this kind of treatment. But for solid, life-long commitment material, geeks wear very well.

So, what is it about geeks that make them such great marriage material?

* They're faithful.

Honesty and intellectual merit often go hand in hand. Geeks are also one of the few left in society clinging to those outdated concepts of integrity, chivalry, and character.

* They're good providers. Any geek probably gets better pay than the average population.

They also tend to be financially stable, since they aren't prone to blowing their money on impulse purchases and maxed-out credit cards.

* They're good company. A non-geek will have interests like TV programs, sports, and drinking. An average geek might be into exotic pets, playing the saxophone, programming in Python, manga comics, an Eastern religion, and has read a ton of books. They'll have something to talk about.

* They're passionate. Geeks never do anything half-way. They'll set out to recreate a scene from the third Star Wars movie in Lego, and they won't stop until it's finished and done perfectly, with all the right colored blocks and exactly the same scale throughout. Now picture them applying that same patience and devotion to you! A geek will be more eager to dig in and solve a problem with your relationship, rather than just give up and get a divorce.

* They're clean. By 'clean', we mean drug and disease-free. They're certainly less sexually promiscuous, and they tend to avoid alcohol and drugs. This makes sense when you realize that intelligent people have a lot to loose by abusing their mind with chemicals, and they get more fun out of an all-night World-of-Warcraft session anyway.

* They're handy. Once an engineer studies to a certain level, there just isn't anything around the house they can't fix. Especially true when they build their own computers, since these days everything more complex than a toaster has a microprocessor built-in. So everything from your microwave to your car becomes just another computer to them, and therefore something they understand.

* They're tolerant. In fat, they demand a certain amount of tolerance. In the geek's world, men and women, straight and gay, black and white, liberal and conservative, all are equal in their outlook. This is just an off-shoot of their careers and the environment they normally inhabit.

* Our web designers are total geeks, but they sure do great dating and relationship websites

Now, we don't guarantee that the first geek you find will be the ideal partner for you. The geek personality has some downsides as well. But if you've searched the web for 'date a geek' and seen some of those online articles raving about them, this explains what the attraction is.

Ready To Mingle But Still Single

At some point of time we all wish to be a part of a relationship and explore the feeling of being with that special someone. Most often, the thought of others having a boyfriend may trouble you, as you feel you are nothing less than them, but still do not have a suitable partner. There are few people who desperately want to be in a relationship, but simply fail to find the right person. The reason could be your attitude. I have seen quite a few people who are narrow-minded, and are simply not interested to remain in a relationship, when the truth is that they are actually interested. You do not realize, but your body language and attitude may present a different impression, even though you may want to stay single.

There are people who simply worship work. When they are asked for a date they come up with reasons like being busy or caught up with something important to do. However, the fact is that they want to accept the offer, but their subconscious mind holds them back. The reasons for this could be many. For example, some people get too conscious about the way they look. They give too much importance to thoughts like whether they can impress the person, or will he/she be interested in listening to what I have to say and so on. Instead of these thoughts troubling you, it is best to bury them and get going to explore this new person. Your low confidence can harm you, when you say, “I am Not Interested”. And this could be the reason that makes you remain single.

When you have liked someone, it is fine to let him/her know. Holding back your feelings will not work. Be prepared to either hear a “yes” or “no”. If you are genuine in looking out for a date, you need to take the step first. You can join dating sites and look out for a perfect match. However, when you become a part of these sites, remember one thing, it is almost next to impossible to meet the right person on the first date itself. You should analyze a person before making a decision to establish a relationship. Experiencing some bad dates does not mean that you get back to your boring old days.

If you want to mingle with the right person, you need to have an open mind. Do not have too many expectations that you would find it hard to be in a relationship. Have a realistic approach when you're looking out for a perfect date. There are a few girls who look out for a man who can fulfill their desires and wishes. They need a partner only for their needs and to bury the boredom of being single. Having a selfish attitude like this will hardy help. At first you may succeed in getting your way, however, as they learn about your motives they will simply turn away from you, no matter how beautiful you are.

Be clear with yourself, when you are looking out for a soul mate. Search your heart deep within and determine what kind of a person you would want to relate to in your life. Don't expect too much and have a practical approach. Take care of your attitude every time you meet a person of the opposite sex, as this may increase your chances of finding the perfect date and soul mate.